Good advertising is a dialog with people.
- Lee Clow
We make a difference.

We listen, understand objectives and pose questions yet to be considered. When clients work with SVML, they build a relationship with a team that not only delivers a project or campaign but delivers results.

SVML lives and breathes creative.
They have passion for unique concepts and points of view combined with realistic expectations of function, budget and results-oriented marketing strategies.
Tacha Kasper, Axis Marketing
SVML client logos
Kim Cox
KIM COX, Principal Creative & Art Director

Before becoming principal of SVML, Kim had a successful career in design and advertising that bridged New York and California. She has a passion for problem solving – which is what our business is ultimately all about – and how to solve those problems through design. For fun, Kim pops on a pair of Newtons and runs.

Robin Cox
ROBIN COX, Creative Director

With roots in the Los Angeles ad, film, music and art world, Robin has held key creative roles for major global corporations and top ad agencies. He applies creative strategy, focus and a broad perspective to every project and is an expert in a wide variety of media tools. He loves skiing, motorcycles and making music.

The SVML Team

It takes a team to get the best results. From design to strategy to web development to photography, SVML has a talented team to fulfill our client’s goals.

WE’RE EXPERIENCED. As an innovative multi-media design agency, we’ve been creating communication tools and bringing clarity to a company’s message, identity and campaigns for 20 years. We create design solutions and know how to navigate the waters of current media design and delivery.

WE LISTEN. Sometimes businesses face challenges when making the right choice of whom to partner with not only to get their message out, but to get it right. We guide our clients through the maze of choices that are not necessarily their core business function, and we do it like it matters to both of us – because it does.

WE DELIVER RESULTS. We’ve made a difference for a wide array of companies: Acura, Asics, Bank of America, Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Sabres, Capitol Records, Carl’s Jr., CBS Records, Celestial Seasonings, Comet International, Courreges Sportswear, The Cousteau Society, Epic Records, Jet Propulsion Laboratories, Kids Escaping Drugs, Mark Kostabi, Paul Kostabi, Longboard Magazine, M&T Bank, Mexico Department of Tourism, Nike, Oakley, Ocean Pacific Sportswear, PGA, Sea Ray Boats, Sodexo, Suzuki, Tomic Golf & Ski, UP Sports, Yamaha International.

Advertising & Design

Whether it be digital, print, broadcast, or exhibit design, our campaigns speak to the target audience and prompts a response. Our award winning design makes an impact.

Environmental Graphics

Through wayfinding signage, brand-reinforcing wall graphics, custom product design, and experiential graphics, we bring a brand to life and create a rich experience for visitors and employees.

Website Design

We design websites that convey and communicate a message and make an impact across the digital landscape. By implementing current SEO best practices, our sites get noticed on the web.

Logo Design

A strong logo provides a memorable impression and is a visual link to your brand, so it’s crucial to get it right. We work hard to get it right.


Identity is more than business cards, stationery, and printed and electronic media. We expand an identity through interior environments, signage, fleet identification, social media, trade show exhibits…and more.

Brand Building

How does the public and your customer connect with your company? Sparking an emotional connection with your audience and building on the experience helps build your brand.

Social Media

Social media is a powerful way to reach and interact with current and potential customers. We strategize and manage social media channels targeting each client’s goals.

Print Media

People respond to the tactile and lasting qualities of print media. As a sales kit to sell a service or product, brochure to drive customers to a website, product packaging, or a card to just say hello, a printed piece is the perfect solution to reach your audience.


An integral part of messaging and branding, good photography is crucial. From product, lifestyle, sport, travel, catalog and portrait, we not only have the capabilities, but the passion. Video production is another area of experience.


Whether you’re selling one product or hundreds, we offer a wide variety of ecommerce solutions. As with our websites, messaging and branding drive our design to create a digital store that sells.

User Interface Design

Creating or building a website, client or web application all requires the interaction of humans and computers. The science of UI design and usability are factors which distinguish SVML from our competitors.

Publication Design

From lifesyle to industry specific to academic, we’ve designed a multitude of award-winning newsstand publications – some of which were self published. With the advent of online magazines, we can create electronic publications that captivates readers.