Workstation extension panels for Covid-19 safety measures

Our client is looking forward to welcoming over 500 employees back into the Buffalo, NY offices after months of 98% of the workforce working remotely. They implemented successful disinfecting, distancing and tracking protocols however, 120,000 square feet of open office space had become a hurdle to overcome in keeping their employees comfortable and safe. Not to mention NY State regulations require additional COVID-19 safety measures to safely distance employees beyond 50% occupancy.

Several vendors installed prototypes for their solutions, but none had addressed the aesthetic value or material compatibility for a potentially long-term, if not permanent, installation.

Being involved in the new building design at the beginning of the process and creating the wayfinding and interior experiential graphics, we understood the importance of designing a solution that complemented the overall design and experience that the employees and visitors had become accustomed to.

The solution needed to meet several requirements:
• Provide a safe barrier between employees
• Allow natural light to filter through, yet allow for privacy
• Withstand repeated cleaning
• Sturdy material built for longevity
• Allow for neat deinstallation should the client opt to do so
• Availability of materials and manufacturing
• Quick installation
• Complement interior building design

Our design team, led by Robin Cox, created a solution by repurposing materials and designing custom hardware that met and exceeded all requirements. A big plus, working with all local vendors and suppliers.

Here is a sneak peek of some of the components. We’ll show more as the project progresses into installation.

See finished project.