Three dogs running and playing in green field
Kim Cox photographing dogs at Creature Comforts Pet Resort

The team at SVML absolutely loves dogs. In fact, our two resident goldendoodles give out nuzzles and help keep us all in check throughout the day.

For as hard as they work around the office, our dogs deserve a day off now and then to frolic with other canines, so off they go to daycare. Fun for us, our doggie daycare provider, Creature Comforts Pet Resort, became our client for website development, photography and logo refinement several years ago. This gave us the chance to learn even more about them and gain a deeper appreciation for all they do.

Since every picture tells a story, we used photography as a starting point for designing the site, and there was no shortage of fun and insightful photo opportunities. My partner and I shouldered our cameras and spent several days playing with the canines. The dogs were more than happy to comply.

So much so that when running around shooting, there was an omnipresent pet that took a liking to each of us and attached themselves to our legs. Sometimes they’d even get in the way of the other dogs being photographed just so they could get all our attention. Flattering for sure. Certainly a challenge by the end of the day!

When Creature Comforts Pet Resort opened their second location, we were there to document the expansion and capture the joy and playfulness that makes dogs a man’s best friend.

Here are a few faves in action to hopefully put a smile on your face.

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