Men dressed as Vikings for medieval reenactment

One thing is for certain, with each and every client we work with, something new is learned. When we took on a new client who had recently acquired a Scandinavian knife company, we had no idea about the nuances of knife usage and culture.

Starting with naming the company, Knives of the North, and developing a brand, identity, ecommerce site and social media presence, this journey exposed us to unknown worlds. Such as the incredible detail and breadth of interest in medieval reenactment as well as the fantasy and detail of live action role playing, or LARP. We certainly didn’t have a full grasp of the culture of medieval reenactment, and how certain knives are integral to historical reenactment of the period. But we’ve been schooled. We are now familiar with Pennsic, an annual event held in Pennsylvania between the Kingdoms of the East and the Middle of the Society for Creative Anachronism. Who knew?

The fascinating world of Bushcraft, the art of wilderness survival, was revealed to us. We learned certain tricks for survival and how having quality and proper tools (knives) can make or break an adventure in the wild. Or keep you alive, literally. We were exposed to knife and axe throwing, which is a great way to relieve stress and have some competitive fun. Through social media, we connected with A.C.E. Target Sports on the majestic Isle of Skye in Scotland which is a company dedicated to providing quality experiences of target sports.

It’s this non-stop learning that keeps our team creatively energized. Developing videos for social media and being a part of growing engagement is exciting, especially on TikTok. Witnessing the increase of product sales on an ecommerce site as a direct result of email marketing campaigns is exciting. Having a client express their appreciation is exciting. Check them out at Knives of the North or @knives_of_the_north for starters.

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