Identity Crisis

With access to thousands of visual impressions a day, there seems to be much confusion in the business world.

New clients for whom we’re creating logo/identity/messaging/branding for have a common mantra, “We want our logo to look like so and so’s and our website to look like so and so’s and our graphics to look like so and so’s, and our photos…” You get the picture. They’re having an identity crisis.

Then we ask, “So, who are YOU?” There’s generally a very clear answer, but one that doesn’t remotely relate to what they think their company’s outward facing persona should be. After explaining that those alter-identities and brands are not them, the fun work begins in uncovering their true identity by homing in on what they are all about, and how they can best make a connection with their audience and clients.

Sure, we’re all influenced by the ever changing visuals we encounter – and it’s cool to be inspired and impossible not to be. But the best thing a business can do is to be true to itself and have the courage to reveal its own identity. That’s how to connect with your real audience.

Photo, Robin Cox.