Our clients understand the value of a clear message and tangible results.
Our skills get them there.

Advertising & Design

Advertising can be such a big word with broad connotations. But, don't worry about it. We have years of experience creating successful ad campaigns that get attention. Whether it be print, broadcast, or exhibit design, we do the research to ensure we are speaking to your target audience in the language that prompts response. The icing on the cake is our award winning design that supports the concepts.

Website Design

Whether it's responsive, static or ready for content management, we'll make sure your company is noticed. We offer several tiers of services to help each client reach their specific goals. Not forgetting the all-important acronym, SEO, we've created multi-level solutions to enhance your search engine optimization and get you noticed on the web.

Logo Design

A strong and memorable logo is the main identifier of a company. It provides that memorable first impression and remains the visual link for all customers, so it's crucial to make it a good one. Distinctively our logos display decades of award winning designs.


Now that you've got a strong logo, it's time to apply that to more than just business cards, stationery, and printed and electronic media. We can expand your identity through interior environments, signage, fleet identification, and trade show exhibits from table top to large islands...and more.

Brand Building

How does the public and your customer experience your company? Sparking an emotional connection with your audience and building on the experience helps build your brand.

E-commerce Solution

Whether you're selling one product or hundreds, we offer a wide variety of shopping cart solutions and can help you navigate the variety of payment options. For the non-profiit sector, we can guide you through the sea of donation and payment resources as well.

Social Media

Social media cannot be ignored to reach and interact with current and potential customers. From getting started with a Facebook page to creating a diverse social media strategy, we strategize and manage social media sites and campaigns targeting for each client's goals.

Print Media

People respond to the tactile and lasting qualities of print media. As a sales kit to sell a service or product, brochure to drive customers to a website, product packaging, or a card to just say hello, a printed piece is the perfect solution to reach your audience.

Publication Design

From lifesyle to industry specific to academic, we've designed a multitude of award-winning newsstand publications - some of which were self published. With the advent of online magazines, we can create an electronic and/or printed publication that captivates readers.


An integral part of messaging and branding, good photography is crucial. From product, lifestyle, sport, travel, catalog and portrait, we not only have the capabilities, but the passion. Video production for industrial, documentary and light commercial work is another area of high experience.

User Interface Design

Creating or building a website, client or web application all requires the interaction of humans and computers. The science of UI design and usability are factors which distinguish SVML from our competitors.

Marketing Dept. Support

In the corporate world there is often the need to outsource for marketing or design support. When the need to elevate or support the capabilities of in-house work arises, SVML is experienced in serving both small and long-term projects.

What We Do

We partner with clients who want to grow their business by increasing their connection to potential clients.

How We Do It

We fine tune our client's message and apply it across multiple platforms - responsive websites, print collateral, social media, video and broadcast.

Why We Do It

In a nutshell, we all love to design. Creating solutions that work for our clients makes us happy. We're at our best when we're strategizing and developing new ideas.

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